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Chania, Crete / Greece 73003


Self-organization / Solidarity – Mural

“Self-organization / Solidarity”
natural plaster / workshop
Diptych mural made of colorful earths and marble powder of Crete.

Created by the participants of a 2 days “natural plaster” workshop and curated by natural building expert Spiti Spitaki and HUT Creative Studio

– in the 2-day “natural plaster” workshop, through a creative process, the participants got to know the soils of Crete.They were trained on how to create natural plaster, using marble powder and 6 colorful earths, collected by natural building expert, spiti spitaki

The result and the collaboration with the participants were fantastic, and thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop!

  • Client

    Spiti - Spitaki

  • Services

    Mural, Illustration

  • Designer

    HUT Creative Studio