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Chania, Crete / Greece 73003



🏛 The “ANCIENT KYDONIA HISTORY TOUR” is a research project funded by the EU and implemented by three partners in collaboration with the research team of the Technical University of Crete (Surreal Team), the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania and the Aegean Solutions S.A. The project introduces an unprecedented / innovative exploration of the Ancient City of Chania (Ancient Kydonia) through augmented reality (AR) and music investment in a playful style (Serious Gaming). The project aims to motivate users to explore the historicity of six (6) historical monuments within the city of Chania, as well as to get to know the finds of that time, within the Archaeological Museum of Chania, through Hololens II technology and other applications. The chronological period, which the project focuses on, is 1650 B.C. – 3rd c. B.C.

We, as HUT creative studio, were called upon to create all the 2D graphics that encompass the project.
Including the tasks below…

• Project Identity Design, which includes the overall project logo, application logo, color palette, fonts, and guide book.
• UI / UX / Application environment elements with a common aesthetic (buttons, menus, icons, etc.)
• Character Design / Narrator of the project
• Illustrations of all archaeological finds
• Map illustration / points of interest
• Banner design and guides for the project website
• Design and supply of print and digital promotional material
• Videography of the events.

📝 NOTE: © Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania. The use of the above photos is made exclusively for highlighting the research that preceded the visual works, which are a design product of our company, without commercial or financial purposes.

  • Client

    Technical University of Crete (Surreal Team), Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania and the Aegean Solutions S.A.

  • Services

    UI / UX , Identity Design, Logo Design, Mnual Book, Character Design, Illustrations, Poster Design, Typography,

  • Designer

    HUT Creative Studio