HUT Creative Studio

We design brand IDs, illustrate, curate projects, paint murals and make crafts. We believe in healthy and solidarity cooperation and in this way, we give HUT its strength and quality 


Chania, Crete / Greece 73003



HUT is a unique creative studio brought to you by the dynamic duo Dimitris Papadopoulos (a.k.a. Boohaha!) and Dimitra Fyriou (a.k.a Deme). Together we both have extensive knowledge and many years of working experience in graphic design, illustration, painting, handmade crafts, and many other creative fields. 


Our story begins on a sunny day in March of 2020… 


After many years of working as freelancers, we decided to join our mutual passion for innovative design and creation. So we built our own HUT: a place where creativity, work ethic, passion, and good vibes will always thrive! 


HUT is based in Chania, Crete / Greece. After many years of living and working in the hustle and bustle of big cities (Athens as well as abroad), we packed our stuff and tools and moved away from noisy Athens to a small calm village close to Chania. Here, we fulfill our dream of living life and working close to nature. Full of enthusiasm and creative ideas, we aim to make HUT an epicenter of contemporary graphic design for people who think like us: outside the box and with fresh ideas. Enthusiasm, creativity and nature are what keeps us going. This is our story! 


We design brand identities, illustrate and curate projects, paint murals, and make crafts. We believe in a healthy, solid cooperation based on good communication. In this way, we give HUT as well as your own projects the strength and quality they deserve.Did we mention that we love nature? That is why our policy is to use mainly recyclable materials. That is why all our handmade products are limited and have a unique character. 


HUT is a place where we nurture our creations and you are welcome to join us on this journey. 

Dimitris Papadopoulos aka Boohaha!

I’m a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and artist. I’ve worked for various printing firms, international publishing houses, advertising agencies, festivals, and movie production sets - just to name a few. I’ve been involved in the graphic design industry and the arts for 20 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with many leading and alternative brands (big and small).

Art and creating is what I love to do, and as an artist I am into all sorts of creative media, specializing in freehand creations, character design, illustrations, storyboards, music album covers, murals, illustrated children’s books, graffiti art - and more.

When I’m not working I dedicate my time to my own artistic projects, surfing the lovely Mediterranean Sea, and playing funky music with my friends.

Demetra Fyriou aka Deme

I'm a freelance graphic designer and artist. I have worked for big and small companies, mainly in advertising as well as for publishing houses, festivals, movie productions. My main artistic focus is in graphic arts, as well as custom and corporate design. In these areas I specialise in designing from scratch, developing illustrations and editing videos.

One thing you should know about me is that I love to create with my own hands! Therefore, I like to work with many different crafts and materials, including macrame, textiles, block printing and much more. I am a lover of nature, so I focus on using sustainable and recyclable materials. This way, I create unique pieces with respect for nature!

During my freetime, you will find me working on my own personal artistic projects, caring for my plants, going hiking, relaxing under the sun, cooking and having fun with good friends and good music.

We create unique pieces with respect for nature!