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Living Democracy

The “Living Democracy” is a unique educational resource, available in multiple languages, which aims to promote democracy and human rights without additional cost to the user. The educational materials are prepared by educators from different countries and are approved by national authorities and the Council of Europe.

The principle of the website teaching material is based on the idea that Education for Democracy and Human Rights enables students to have an active role in school and their life environment, empowers teachers, supports school leaders and provides guidance to parents in their daily life with children.


We, as HUT creative studio, were called upon to create all the illustrations that encompass the project, design the layouts of the chapters and the adaption of the different languages. The project is translated in 16 languages (until now-2023) and is going to be exposed from each countrys’ ministry of education, directly to schools.

In this post you can find only a part of the complete work, for the reason that “Living Democracy” project contains a huge amount of illustrations, cover designs and many more, which you can reach by visiting the website .

  • Client

    PHZH IPE - International Projects in Education Zurich University of Teacher Education

  • Services

    Illustration, Cover Book, Poster Design, Web Banner

  • Designer

    HUT Creative Studio