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We design brand IDs, illustrate, curate projects, paint murals and make crafts. We believe in healthy and solidarity cooperation and in this way, we give HUT its strength and quality 


Chania, Crete / Greece 73003


Parent’s Manual Book

Parent’s Manual Book is a part of Συναι/no [Sinai/no] project from Gender Hood.


We were asked from Gender Hood to design this 35 pages digital book for their new Συναι/no [Sinai/no] campaign. We had to give it a powerfull look, as the message is strong too. Find the whole manual at the link HERE
You can visit the Gender Hood for more informations and several actions about human rights and gender equality.

  • Client

    Gender Hood

  • Services

    Illustration, Manual Book, Cover Book

  • Designer

    HUT Creative Studio