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We design brand IDs, illustrate, curate projects, paint murals and make crafts. We believe in healthy and solidarity cooperation and in this way, we give HUT its strength and quality 


Chania, Crete / Greece 73003



At our HUT, after hours of brainstorming, we have proudly developed a complete brand identity, including logo design, business cards, and a brochure that represents the essence of Anakara.

Anakara specializes in providing premium fitness and wellness services, focusing on yoga and pilates classes designed to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Additionally, they offer massage services and rehabilitation techniques such as Neurokinetic Therapy©


Thank you, Anakara, for your trust!


You can check Anakara HERE

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    Brand Identity, Logo Design, Business Cards, Promo Flyer

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    HUT Creative Studio